5 Simple And Effective Yoga Poses for Gaining Beautiful Breasts

5 Simple And Effective Yoga Poses for Gaining Beautiful Breasts

5 Simple And Effective Yoga Poses for Gaining Beautiful Breasts


5 simple and effective yoga poses to gain beautiful breasts,
In the modern world beauty of the breasts has always been a major concern for most of the women. A round, firm, and beautiful breasts are one of the most eye-catching features of a woman’s body. It is evident that beautiful breasts are something every woman would love to have.

0:35 There are lots of factors which determines the beauty of your breasts. Your breasts undergo several changes from the time you attains puberty to adulthood that affects its size, shape, and appearance. If you wish to enjoy the pleasure of having a perfect and beautiful breast, in this video, we will show you 5 simple and effective yoga poses to gain beautiful breasts.

1. Warrior Pose 1:02
The warrior pose also known as virabhadrasana strengthens the arms, shoulders, thighs and back muscles, all in one go. This yoga pose will not only make you feel strong but also help you extend your thorax and make it elastic and active. Warrior pose is one of the most graceful yoga postures, and it adds beauty and grace to one’s yoga practice.
Directions: 1:29

2. Triangle Pose 1:56
Triangle pose is also known as trikonasana. Unlike most other yoga postures the Triangle Pose requires keeping your eyes open in order to maintain the body balance. This yoga Pose will release and strengthen your thorax, stretch your spine, and improve your blood flow
Directions: 2:16

Number 3. Cobra pose 2:43
This yoga pose also known as bhujang asana, it resembles a serpent with its hood raised. This Pose is a part of the sequence of yoga postures in Padma Sadhana, and Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation. Bhujang asana or the Cobra Pose, helps increase the volume of lungs stretch the thoracic muscles, strengthen your abdominal muscles, and improve your posture:
Directions: 3:12

4. Bow Pose 3:33
Bow pose or Dhanurasana has been named after the bow shape our body takes while performing the act. This yoga posture is advised for those who have backaches. In addition, it helps to stretch the whole spine and shapes your breasts.
Directions: 3:50

5. Camel pose 4:15
Camel pose or ustrasana is an intermediate level back-bending yoga posture known to open Anahata, or the Heart chakra. This yoga posture adds flexibility and strength to the body and also helps in improving digestion. It is effective against backaches. It also increases the lung volume and strengthens the thorax.
Directions: 4:39

So, these are the 5 simple and effective yoga poses to gain beautiful breasts. Doing this regularly will not only improve the shape of your breasts and the volume of your lungs but also make you feel strong and healthy

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