Best abs workout at home #4 Crossover Combo for sexy abs in 1 month



Best abs workout at home for women shows you how to practice abs in order to lose upper and lower belly fat comfortably. Crossover Combo exercise guides you the best way to burn lots of fat around waist and increase much more muscle gain.

How to do burn more belly fat effectively for women with the best abs workout at home CROSSOVER COMBO:
– Reps: 20
– Sets: 3
– Lie flat on your back, your legs are bent around 60 degrees, place your heels on the floor. Put two hands behind your head.
– Curl your body up and bring your right elbow with shoulder across your body; at the same time, bring your left knee toward the right shoulder. Try to touch the knee if possible. Remember to exhale when performing this position. Note: Always keep contracting your abs.
– Slowly go back to the starting position and inhale. Note: Do not let your head and shoulder touch the floor.
– Continue to repeat with the opposite. That counts one set.
– Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.

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