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How to do a Bulgarian split squat for a sexy butt.

So for this exercise you’re going to need a step, a crate, something that you can stick your foot on as you’re doing your split squat. So the split squat is pretty much you’re going to be starting off in a lunging position, but you’re going to keep the back leg up on your crate, box, whatever it is that you’re using. So you’re going to get enough space in between your legs so that you’re balanced.

Your shoulders are rolled back, your chest is up, your abs are tight. You’re going to sit straight down in your lunge here. Keeping the weight in that front heel. So you sit all the way down in that lunge, and then press it straight up. Sit all the way down in that lunge, and press it straight up. So you’re going to feel this in both legs. You might feel it more in the quad on the back leg. But you’re definitely going to feel it on the front leg in that glute and that hamstring.

So you come all the way down, and then press it up just like this. And again, you can do 10 to 12 on each side. Show you on the other side, switch it up right here. Bring it all the way down, and up. But really make sure that you keep that weight back in the heel so your knee does not pass the ankle.

You sit straight down in that lunge, and then take it right back up. Straight down, and up, just like that. And that’s how you do the Bulgarian split squat for a sexy butt.

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