Long Lean Dancer Leg Exercises (Not Bulky!)



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This is a dance inspired leg exercises for a lean and long looking legs. Of course, if you are genetically petite like me, you will still be the same height, but these workouts combined with a good posture can make your muscles appear longer.

Exercises (20 reps each)
1) Ballet Calf Raises
2) Tip Toe Plie Squats
3) Cross Back Lunge
4) Side Leg Raises
5) Leg Circles

Perform all the 5 exercises as 1 set. Complete a total of 3 – 4 sets. Rest no more than 1 minute in between sets. Remember to always end your workout with stretches. Stretching regularly is the key to make your muscles appear longer. And of course remind yourself to stand tall and practice good posture. All the best!

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