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Goyang Eksotis Best Of Voluptous Shahrzad Raqs Sexy Hot Arabic Belly Dance

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A stunningly beautiful woman and amazing dancer! Women with curves and can dance like that has to be a turn on for any man. Sexy, voluptuous, sultry, and incredibly talented with gorgeous face, creamy white skin, the best body curves – hips, belly, and breasts – and her control over them is so phenomenal. Fantastic, exotic, sensual, superb, hot, mind blowing and perfect. It’s almost as if the music is in her body and she controls the music with her movements. It was really nice to watch. It’s beyond anything I have ever seen.

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Shahrzad adalah penari profesional berpengkalan di Washington DC. Pakar dalam bidang tarian Oriental dan folkloric tradisional di Afrika Utara dan Timur Tengah. Beliau merupakan artis tarian goyang ghairah, koreografer imaginatif, dan guru. Shahrzad adalah selebriti tarian eksotis sangat dicari dan sentiasa dapat memukau penonton dengan persembahan emotif dan menarik. Goyang Mesirnya sangat popular dengan penonton Arab dan Asia Tenggara seperti di Indonesia dan Malaysia.

Shahrzad is a professional dance performer and teacher based in Washington DC. She specializes in Oriental dance as well as many traditional folkloric dances of North Africa and the Middle East. She is a passionate performer, imaginative choreographer, and energetic teacher. Shahrzad is a highly sought after performer who enchants audiences with her emotive and exciting Bellydance shows. Her affinity and talent for Egyptian dance makes her especially popular with Arabic audiences.

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Booty Dance is one of the most popular among the world’s Queens of Arabic-Oriental Belly Dancers such as Alla Kushnir, Didem (Turkish), Dina Jamal(Egypt), Safinaz-Sofinar Gourian (Armenian), Amelia Zidane, Rachel Brice, Shakira, Shahrzad Raqs, Lebanese Amani, Brazillian Elissar, Anna Lonkina, Sara Guirado Valencia, Sadie Marquardt, Yasar Akpence, Alex Delora, Mezdekee, Mandanah and many others…

Shahrzad, Balliceaux RVA, Bellydance Brunch Cabaret filmed by
Bellydance Brunch Cabaret produced by Khalima. Visit
Illumination is Richmond’s only studio dedicated to bellydance in all its incarnations for all ages and levels, under the direction of Khalima.
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Goyang Eksotis Best Of Voluptuous Shahrzad Raqs Sexy Hot Arabic Belly Dance

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