Perfect Abs Workout At Home When Feelin’ Lazy (No Equipment)



Full description of this perfect abs workout for lazy people:

Perfect Abs Workout for Lazy People [Better Abs Workout #1]

Ever feeling lazy to train abs?

Do this abs workout whenever you don’t want to spend much time on ab training. This abs workout is intense and well structured. It only takes 3 minutes to complete one circuit. And each circuit hits every abdominal muscle in your body in well structured sequence.

With this abs workout you will hit lower abs, obliques, upper abs and inner abdominal wall too. All in one workout.

This abs workout is structured in a way so you won’t strain your neck, lower back or miss hitting any abdominal muscle in your body.

We start with lower abs while we are fresh. Lower abs for most people are the most underdeveloped ones.

As in this exercise you might feel tensions in your neck, next we do exercise other way around so we can let the neck rest. This exercise will help to make your abdominal region tighter and stronger without adding any size to your sides.

At the end of the circuit we go back on our backs and focus on building upper abs and obliques.

Can’t wait for you to TRY THIS!

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